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Welcome to the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run. It’s an exciting time for PCDR as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive. Our organization is confronting a time of many changes and we’re meeting these changes through Christ’s teachings. Amidst a tumultuous world, our Presbyterian family will continue to meet and bring inspired people together in a warm, loving and inviting environment.


In response to God’s grace, love and peace, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run has as its mission:
To Know Christ as our Lord and Savior and to share Christ within this congregation and throughout the world. 

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AID FOR FRIENDS: We need your help!

Starting February 25th AID FOR FRIENDS MEAL ASSEMBLY will be the 4th Sunday each month. Aid for Friends is an organization that helps alleviate hunger and loneliness for home bound/isolated people in need. We are asking for contributions of vegetables/sides such as rice, noodles, potatoes, pasta dishes on “assembly Sundays.” Come roll up your sleeves…