Services Every Sunday 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Fellowship (Page 3)

Coming in October!

Bible Study with Pastor Charlie – “Great Chapters of the Bible” Starting Wednesday October 5th , dinner will be served at 5:30 pm followed by a bible study will beginning at 6:30 pm in Hoopes Hall. Bible studies for each week are: October 5 – Isaiah 40-indicates a change in the perception of God from one of law and…

Summer Worship Schedule

Our Summer Service schedule begins on Sunday July 3rd with service at 10AM continuing until Sunday September 4th. This is a trial to determine if this might be a more suitable starting time for worship. As Pastor Charlie indicated in an article in the Deep Runner, this change is being suggested to be a more…

Bring a Friend Sunday

You are invited to the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run for Bring a Friend Sunday Service. Adults and children are encouraged to bring a friend to church. The Nursery School and age 3-5 Sunday School students will be singing at the beginning of the service. The Sunday school will be doing a friend craft and…

Family Bowling Night

From young to old, Deep Runner’s came out and had a great time bowling. Strikes, spares, gutter balls and more were the topics of conversation, but the most important thing was the fellowship that was shared. Look for some of our upcoming events!