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Pastor Kris and the Adult Ed. Team are asking our entire church to join together in reading the book, Sailboat Church, by former General Assembly Moderator, Joan Gray, and to join one of our six-week discussion groups. Rev. Gray uses her background in leadership to help churches think about whether they are a rowboat church or a sailboat church. Essentially, rowboat churches and sailboat churches both require work in order to get to where God’s wants a church to go. But, the difference is where the energy comes from to move the boat. Are we tirelessly working by our own efforts? Or, are we willing to hoist the sails and let the Holy Spirit take us to God’s desired destination? Discussion groups will be offered on Sunday mornings (before and after worship) and midweek mornings and evenings. We’ll start the week of October 8th and conclude before Thanksgiving. This book study only requires a short six-week commitment and will truly help us as a church to discern together the future mission and ministry we engage in. So, if you want your voice to be heard in this process, plan now to get the book (only $10.00 each) and join one of our Sailboat Church Discussion Groups.