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All Hands on Deck: Nursery School Mission Project

The floor in the section of the Paul C. Payne Building where our nursery school holds classes is the original floor that was installed when the building was constructed. That means the current floor is roughly 52 years old. As our nursery school ministry continues to expand programming, it’s time for us to update that space; and we need your help. We’re inviting you to join us as we work to update our nursery school classrooms.

On Friday, August 10th we need help clearing the classrooms of all furniture, books, supplies, etc. From Wednesday, August 15th through Saturday, August 18th we will put a fresh coat of pain on the walls and bookshelves to help update the space. We will need volunteers to help until the work is done. Then, on Monday, August 20th a new floor will be laid. Finally, we man need help moving furniture and supplies back into the classrooms once the new floor is in. This is an opportunity for hands on service right at our own church.