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Anna Straw Initiative

Family Education Program

The Presbyterian Church of Deep Run is collaborating with The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania to aggressively address the growing problem of addiction to drugs and alcohol in Upper Bucks County. The program’s namesake, Anna Straw, died of a heroin overdose in November, 2012. She was nineteen.

Anna’s parents, Jane and Steven, are church congregants. Together with the Mission Committee, they are working to make the Family Education Program, an orientation to addiction and how to deal with it, the beginning of a comprehensive, ongoing effort.

The course, developed in 2001 by PRO-ACT, the Council’s advocacy arm, is for ANYONE who thinks they have a loved one who abuses drugs or alcohol. The program is held the first three Monday evenings monthly at 7:00 pm in the Red School House at the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run.

Parent Support Group

Parents and Grandparents attend a group meeting that provides them with a confidential, safe place to find support, education, encouragement and hope. Stories are shared, about both recovery and relapse and may provide participants with new insight. Each meeting is different as speakers are invited to attend periodically. After attending a few meetings you make a decision if the group meets your needs.

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