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Children’s Ministry

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The Children’s Ministry Team at the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run is dedicated to building an environment in which children are intrinsically motivated to grow in their Christian faith. We understand that a classroom that promotes creating relationships with one another is important. We also believe that giving the children active learning experiences that fully involve the children make the time in Sunday school interesting and worthwhile. Connecting to God’s Word, which is intended to be a guide for how we should live, is central to our curriculum. We take the time to examine a story for a couple of weeks. The Children’s Ministry Team is thoughtful to provide a variety of activities to engage learners of all styles.

Sunday school is held during the ten o’clock church service. Children sit with their families until the pastor invites them up for the children’s sermon. Once the children’s sermon concludes, the teachers and the children transition to the classroom. The nursery is located on the first floor, and the classrooms are located on the second floor—through the door by the choir loft, down the hall, and on the right.


  • Nursery- Birth through two years old
  • Preschool- 3 years old through Kindergarten
  • School-Age- First grade through Fifth grade

These mixed-aged groups allow the younger children to connect and learn from their older friends, while the older children benefit from the opportunity to act as mentors.

Ministering to children means that we are responsible for their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. PCDR takes this very seriously and, as a result, has developed a comprehensive Child Protection Policy. Additionally, our open door policy means family members may stay with or visit their children at any time!

As a Matthew 25 church, PCDR wants to support our community in any way possible. Whether it is opening our doors to support outside groups, like the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, feeding the hungry through our FISH donation program and Community Dinner, or hosting community events throughout the year, we hope to be there for you. Children’s Ministry understands that in this technological age of remote work (and play), families may find themselves more isolated than ever. This, in conjunction with our rural location in Bucks County, has the potential to leave families looking for social connections and support. The Children’s Ministry team looks to foster relationships through monthly activities throughout the year. Events—helping at the Community Dinner and our Mission Impossible Bible Camp—are also intentionally planned to foster children’s sense of giving back to their community.

In our mission to reach out to the young families in our community, Children’s Ministry works closely with our wonderful nursery school program, the Deep Run Presbyterian Nursery School. We are so fortunate to have such a well-respected, high-quality program as an outreach of the church!

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