Services Every Sunday 10:00 am

SALT (Seasoned Adults Learning Together)

At our January lunch, we met Henry Mercer, portrayed by Jamie Bradley. Henry showed some tools he has collected and also things he collected in his pockets! Because his collections grew so large, he built a concrete castle, the Mercer Museum to showcase everything. He was an archeologist and then became a businessman, becoming a potter, making clay tiles to tell stories. This grew into the Mercer Tile Works. Tiles also decorate his home, Fonthill, another concrete castle. His goal was to teach and embrace the past and move to the future. As you know, Jamie grew up here at Deep Run. Everyone enjoyed visiting and catching up with him.

We’re hoping to have the nursery school join us at our February gathering. Joan Dahl, Vera Dickerson, Jay Smith and Janice Thomas will bring soup. Marje Beck and Sandy Poust will contribute bread. Desserts will be donated by Doris Cairns, Karen Grosse and Margie Mosher. Frank Blow will bring Half & Half. We had a few new attendees who enjoyed the day and time together. Join us in February and also enjoy the day and time together.