Services Every Sunday 10:00 am

Music Ministry

The Ministry of Music serves the congregation through leadership in Christian worship, music education, outreach, and fellowship, and represents the congregation through musical witness to the community.  We believe Music is the language of the soul, and Music has always provided the people of God a natural way to express their praise.  The Ministry of Music assists every member of the congregation in presenting an offering of praise, and it provides training and fellowship for those who use their musical gifts as choir members and instrumentalists.

You are invited to share your gifts and be a part of the Ministry of Music.

For a current rehearsal schedule of all the groups, see the calendar listing in the weekly bulletin.  Persons wishing to join the Chancel Choir, Bell Choir, or Kids Choir should contact Samantha Brannon, Director of Music Ministry to determine the best placement. Instrumentalists and those in other related arts are encouraged to let Sam know of their availability.

Our choir meets on Wednesday nights from September until June and sings weekly at our 10:00AM service.

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir rehearses weekly and sings most Sundays at the 10:00 a.m. worship service.  Additional singing includes special Christmas and Holy Week services.  The Chancel Choir studies and performs a cross-section of music from all periods, from classical  works to the most contemporary music.  If you enjoy singing, you are encouraged to join our Chancel Choir.

Bell Choir

Bell Choir rehearses weekly and plays 4 – 6 times per year at the 10:00 a.m. worship service.  Additional opportunities to play include special Christmas and Holy Week services.  The Bell Choir does not require previous music experience, and is open to all.

Kids Choir

Led by Samantha Brannon, our Kids Choir is for children age 3 – 5th grade.  The Kids Choir meets at special rehearsal times determined by our Director of Music Ministry.  The children learn songs that they present in worship almost once a month.  The Kids Choir also learns music fundamentals, may play musical instruments, and has a lot of fun.


Rodgers Artist Series 579 Organ

Despite our modest building size and the low ceilings in the sanctuary, the Rodgers Artist Series 579 provides an extraordinary range of pipe organ sounds, sampled from some of the finest organs in France, Germany, England, and America.  As no physical pipes needed to be installed, this was a great option for our church.

“I’m excited about this organ because there are so many sounds, so many things to do,” remarked Betty Trapp, organist for the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run. “You can make it sound like an old-time organ with great piano sounds, as well as loud and powerful organ sounds.  A lot of variety.”

In addition to traditional organ sounds, the Rodgers Artist Series 579 also provides a rich set of orchestral voices, sampled from actual acoustic instruments and performing artists playing them.  This provides the organist with a tremendous palette of creative options for worship settings, weddings, concerts and other church functions.