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Pastoral Search

The Presbyterian Church of Deep Run started it’s journey to look for a pastor at the end of 2014. The church was apprehensive but embraced the changes that God had placed before them. A supply pastor was quickly engaged through Presbytery and well accepted by the church congregation. In fact, the supply pastor was so well accepted that we were able to call Rev. Charlie Holt as our Interim Pastor at Deep Run.

Since that time, Pastor Charlie has helped the church through the changes that were necessary to get us to the point of electing our Pastor Nominating Committee. He was a key adviser to the Transition Team which wrote our Church’s Mission Study which is key information for the PNC to use for the creation of our Ministry Information Form.

We the church of Deep Run are looking to the future with great hope. We know that it is only by trusting more completely in God and by having faith in Jesus Christ that we can be the church God wants us to be and find our next installed pastor.

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