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Pastor’s Message: A Letter From Pastor Kris

This year, 2017, marks the 300th year of ministry for the Presbytery of Philadelphia. Founded in 1717, the Presbytery of Philadelphia is the oldest Presbyterian corporate entity in the United States and home to some of the oldest Presbyterian churches in our nation, including the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run. Our Presbytery’s story is deeply rooted in both American and Presbyterian history, illustrating faithfulness and courage throughout our 300-year heritage.

To celebrate 300 years of faithful ministry, the Presbytery has started a campaign to raise $300,000 which will be distributed equally to eight local mission partners as they launch efforts to elevate the education of children, disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and promote restorative justice in the Greater Philadelphia region. In this unique moment in our Presbytery’s history, we trust our combined efforts will embody the Good News of Jesus Christ in at-risk communities as we stand alongside our neighbors in the Greater Philadelphia area. Together we can impact our region more than we could do alone.

What is the school-to-prison pipeline? Children and youth who live in contexts of poverty, demonstrate varied learning disabilities, lack access to quality education, and are vulnerable to potentially biased in-school disciplinary actions are at an increased risk to incarceration as both juveniles and adults. Numerous ministries in our midst, to include those selected for this campaign, work to disrupt this pipeline as they provide programs, services, and leadership opportunities for young people in communities and neighborhoods most at risk.

What is restorative justice? As individuals who have been previously incarcerated seek to re-enter society, various initiatives in our Presbytery model God’s love and grace through services and programs to help individuals find employment, develop leadership skills, and reduce risks for recidivism (returning to prison).

The Presbyterian Church of Deep Run, through our Mission Committee and our Session, has answered the call to join our Presbytery in this unique campaign. In celebration of our Presbytery’s 300th year, we have committed $3,000 of our mission funds, raised during our organ campaign, to be designated for the Presbytery of Philadelphia’s 300th celebration. Our children are also raising $300 to donate toward this worthy campaign. We should be very proud here at Deep Run that we have been faithful in committing our resources to mission as we support our Presbytery.

Over the next eight weeks, we will be highlighting one of the eight mission partners that are a part of this 300th celebration campaign. We hope that you will commit each week to praying for the ministry partner that we are highlighting, and that you will pray for our Presbytery staff and leaders. We here at Deep Run are the northern star for our Presbytery, and we are modeling for our fellow Presbyterian churches a good example of commitment to mission and service in Jesus’ name. Peace,

Love and God Bless,

Pastor Kris