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Rev. Lori Kosinski’s Role @PCDR

Dear Deep Run Family,

Greetings in the name of Christ!

As we move through this period of transitional pastoral leadership, we would like to clarify the role that Rev. Lori Kosinski will have with the congregation. We have asked Lori to share a few words about what she will and will not be doing in the coming days.

The Parish Associate role is created at the request of the Pastor of the congregation. When the Pastor leaves a congregation the Parish Associate role ends. This allows the congregation to move forward with a “clear deck of leadership” so any incoming pastoral leadership can work with clarity and integrity; and the congregation can discern where the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ is leading us into the future. At the present time it is acceptable for me to attend worship and SALT (now that I am old enough!), lead bible study and support the youth program through June. I will be stepping back from my back-up role as a supply preacher and only be available for emergency pastoral care situations (i.e. memorial services and crisis issues) at the request of Session and our transitional leadership.

I have been attending The Presbyterian Church of Deep Run for the past 15 years with our family and have grown to call this fellowship our spiritual home. As we work to maintain these new parameter, it will be challenging for all of us. I am a do-er and I will be praying for the strength not to jump in where angels fear to tread to rescue things. It is in the spaces that we will see God take us to deeper understanding of who and whose we are, as well as what we are called to do. I will also be praying for you to breathe through the spaces, listen to where God is leading us and share Christ’s love in amazing ways—we can do this!

May God bless us as we move forward in faith!

Grace and peace,

Rev. Lori Z. Kosinski