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PCDR Worship: 5-8-2022 (COVID Update)

COVID Update for Sunday, May 8, 2022:

Several church families have been affected by COVID in the past week or so.  Early Sunday morning, multiple members of the Pastor’s family also tested positive.  In order to prevent further spread of COVID-19 at Deep Run, worship for Sunday, May 8 will be virtual.  We encourage you to re-watch either our Easter worship service or our Scottish Communion service.  Or, you are free to find another service from our library of previous services.  And, take time today to thank those special women of Deep Run who have blessed your life.  Happy Mother’s Day!
CLICK HERE to re-watch our Easter service.
CLICK HERE to re-watch our Scottish Communion service.  (The livestream was not started until the middle of the choral anthem.)
CLICK HERE to select a different service from our library of previous services.