Services Every Sunday 9:30 am



The instructions for our virtual Maundy Thursday worship experience are as follows:

First, we encourage you to purchase bread (can be gluten free), and a common beverage made from juice (like grape juice).  We also encourage you to prepare a light meal (Pastor Kris and his family will have soup, bread, and water).

Before dinner, watch the first Maundy Thursday video as a family, couple, or individually.  If you can watch it around the dinner table using a laptop or tablet, that would be ideal.  The first video is titled, “How Will They Ever Know.”

After watching the first video, share communion as a family, or individually if you live alone.  Pastor Kris would like you to try to capture video footage of your home communion experience if you are able.  Prop your smartphone or tablet up in landscape mode so that you can see your dining table.  After worship, text or e-mail your communion video to Pastor Kris.  He will try to create a composite video.

Then, share a Maundy Thursday meal together as a family, couple, or individually, using the following questions for dinner discussion and/or pondering:

  • What are you most grateful for in your life?
  • What are you most grateful for during this time of physical distancing?
  • What is one safe way you will commit to serve others like Jesus during this time of physical distancing?  (Even children are encouraged to commit to something.)
    • Call a member from church who lives alone.
    • Make a card for someone who lives alone.
    • Make a card or picture to thank healthcare workers at the hospital.
    • Donate food to our FISH Food Pantry collection on Saturday, April 11.
    • Make masks for healthcare workers and essential employees.
    • Safely, with proper physical distance, deliver groceries to a grandparent, or an elderly church member or neighbor in need.
  • If Jesus were at your dinner table…what is one question you would ask him?  (This is not necessarily related to COVID-19.  It could be absolutely anything.)
  • Jesus said to his disciples during the Last Supper, “Remember me.”  What is the most important thing you “remember” about Jesus?
  • No matter how young or seasoned in life you may be, what is one thing you would want people to remember about you.

After dinner (or on Good Friday), watch the second, shorter video titled, “On Our Doorstep.”

Close by finding a quiet space where you can be alone to think and pray on your own.

Please e-mail Pastor Kris if you have any questions about our Virtual Maundy Thursday & Good Friday worship experience.