Services Every Sunday 10:00 am

Summer Worship Schedule

Our Summer Service schedule begins on Sunday July 3rd with service at 10AM continuing until Sunday September 4th. This is a trial to determine if this might be a more suitable starting time for worship. As Pastor Charlie indicated in an article in the Deep Runner, this change is being suggested to be a more convenient time for families with children, for some of our elderly members who have difficulty getting ready for church by 9:30 AM and to present a more favorable starting time to the surrounding community in the hopes of attracting more people to Deep Run. This is not a permanent change at this time, but a change for this summer season only. The Session has agreed to reexamine the starting time for Sunday worship at its meeting in August. In the meanwhile, please let Pastor Charlie and the elders of the Session know what you feel about the starting time for worship. Thank you for your patience as we endeavor to make Deep Run the best church we can!