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Vacation Bible School

In spite of current events, the Children’s Ministry Team is moving forward with planning this year’s Vacation Bible School, entitled, “FOCUS: Take a Closer Look”. We need to stay connected to families and VBS is an opportunity for us to re-emerge in our community. Cancelling is not an option–we need to show hope! Parents need us to step into their lives and provide something for their children. We will need to be creative! Therefore, the Children’s Ministry Team will create three plans for implementing VBS this year:

  1. Life is normal and we proceed as planned, either June 29th through July 2nd or later in the summer from July 27th through July 30th.
  2. If we are restricted, but can gather in groups of ten or less, hold it in small groups throughout the summer.
  3. If we are still restricted and need to stay at home, create a virtual VBS–Create kits that families can do at home.

So, yes, there will be VBS this year! Please stay tuned for updates about the form that “FOCUS: Take a Closer Look” will take.

Stay safe and take good care–we’ll see you soon!